About the Site

Many thanks for dropping by the site! I appreciate it and hope to provide things to read or do and art for you to look at and display in your home for many years.

All of my webpages on the site I have hand-coded and designed myself. I worked strictly through Notepad for the first three years, and then I found out about Notepad++. Now I have some lovely colors to help me see what I'm doing. If you see any errors on my site, I'm the webmaster you contact about them.

Site best viewed at 640x480 or higher. "Responsive" commands are built in for people with tiny screens who won't use a real computer. It should go without saying, but please don't browse my site while you're driving down the road. Seriously, some of you people need to turn off your devices a little more often!

Legal Junk

Information is provided as is without any guarantee of validity. Use at your own risk. Don't blame/sue me for any actions you take after visiting this site because you lack the ability take responsibility for your own actions. Any and all private data sent to me is jealousy guarded, and, call me "stingy" if you're offended by this notion, but I don't share it to anybody no matter how much they beg, pleasd, or whine.

Site History

I began long ago with GeoCities in April 2005 until about April 2007. GeoCities PageBuilder on dial-up! Needless to say, it was a wee prompt to learn how to code things myself.

From May 2010 to March 2017 I took up with 000webhost.com and made TRC.site90.net. After they "modernized" their control panel, it became too dysfuctional for me to use, so I deleted my site.

Raven-wing.net has been online since January 2012 and is hosted by Hosting24.com and NameSilo.com. They're both quite affordable and I recommend them both! Hosting24 will currently give a discount of $2/month if you use the code BONSAI34.
In the past I have tried DreamHost and GoDaddy, and, well, they're not for me.

About the RSS Feeds

There are presently four on the site for the main strains of updates I reckon folks would be interested in.

Raven-Wing.net News
Site updates. Tinkering, breaks, fixes, and all other maintenance things.
Ashe Skyler's Artwork Newsletter
The RSS counterpart to replacement of the newsletter emails.
Just Another Day
The feed for the webcomic showing the most recently posted pages.
Ashe Skyler's Blog
Artwork postings, site updates, news, and other things like sharing neat stuff and ranting. Lots of ranting. Hey, it's a blog! Do you expect anything less? I may be a Southern Woman, but I never claimed to be a Southern Lady! Emotie: ;D

About the Webmistress

Howdy! I'm Ashe Skyler. Tomboy and country girl from rural Alabama! I'm married and have two kids, three dogs, I love fine pencil art, I'm an artist and take commissions, I work on a webcomic, and I'm an income tax preparer at my day job. And I have many, many interests, some of which can be found around my website.

They say you orta have a five year business plan. I guess I finally made one. Come November 2017, I will be enrolling for the CTP certification. I'll graduate from that no later than August 2018, and then I'll work on studying for the SEE test to get my EA certification. After all that's taken care of, it'll be time to join the NACPB and become a CPB. So by the time I'm 30, I'll have one hell of a resumé, and only have to sink $3000 into it and won't have to take any useless classes like speech or composition either. Not gonna study for them both at the same time because that's an awful lot of weird laws and I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Political Affiliation
Constitutionist, "Young Outsider", and Centrist. Neither Democrat, nor Republican. Neither Liberal, nor Conservative. Neither left wing, nor right wing. Basically, I can anger all of them equally since I like and dislike things about all of them. Emotie: XD
Religious Affiliation
Christian Taoist.
"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost." — Dalai Lama XIV
Western Zodiac
Sun Sign: ♑ Capricorn
Moon Sign: ♎ Libra
Ascendant: ♊ Gemini
Midheaven: ♓ Pisces
Chinese Zodiac
Yin Earth Snake
Jung / Myers-Briggs Type
The Mastermind, the Architect, the Scientist, the Competence, and as Oddly Developed as any other person.
Extroverted 10% — Introverted 90%
Intuitive 55% — Sensing/Observant 45%
Thinking 55% — Feeling 45%
Judging 75% — Perceiving/Prospecting 25%
Assertive 63% — Turbulent 37%
1, The Reformer
D&D Alignment
True Neutral
Law 8, Neutral 8, Chaos 6
Good 10, Neutral 14, Evil 1

And, um, despite all the claims that I should be riddled with fear, anxiety, depression, and an inclination to be superficial and materialistic according to those various labels, I'm not. I've Gemini rising, after all! I just want to have a good laugh and collect trivia. Even when politics and religion are involved. Emotie: =P

If you really want to get to know me, don't stalk me on Facebook. Just follow me on Pinterest.