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I was born in January 1990. I met my husband at college and married him a year later in 2011. Our first son arrived in 2012. He was a very welcome little surprise, we expected to never to be able to have kids! Currently we live in Alabama.

I've been doing commissions since 2010 and playing with websites since 2005. I really enjoy doing both and I doubt I would have learned as much on my own as I have from working with people. There's almost always a challenge I enjoy when somebody wants me to do something for them.

But as for my day job, I've been promoted from my receptionist job of six years to an accountant. I prepare income tax returns, I do bookkeeping and payroll, and I file reports to the IRS. All very boring stuff, I assure you. But it helps pay the bills and keeps the family fed. I will soon own my own business and become self-employed twice over. While I have taken a few college courses, I doubt I will ever get a degree. Why be like everybody and their dog with a Bachelors degree and 30 years of debt to only flip burgers when my current arrangement is keeping the bills paid?

Many claim I am a very stubborn person. I like to say it comes from being a Capricorn. Astrology and tarot cards are a fun pastime, but nothing I take too seriously. If you enjoy taking the Jung test, I am an INTJ.