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I've seen the Redwoods, hiked part of the Grand Canyon, stood on Pike's Peak, smelled the delightful scents in Yellowstone, and looked up at the Delicate Arch, but no place is home like the Appalachian foothills. I was born and raised in rural Alabama, and I've been through over half the states. And yes, I grew up barefoot! Grass feels better on my toes than socks. I'm more likely to wear shoes these days, but I still dress in jeans and a loose tshirt. Fancy clothes and ribbons don't determine your skill and I don't intend to pretend like they do. But if you like to wear pantyhose or ties, by all means, go for it.

I'm married to a fellow I met in college and we have a rambunctious toddler. Who is intelligent to the point it's scary. And we have one "ShiChi". She's half chihuahua and half shih tzu. I prefer to call her a "chitzu". Much easier to say. And she sheds worse than a cat!

Like most artists, I've been drawing since I was big enough to scribble. I mostly drew canines, felines, and dragons before I started expanding to people and other things. I am self-taught and began accepting commissions in 2010. I have gone to college, but not for art. I've studied computer networking systems and accounting.

But, art doesn't pay all the bills. From January to April, I'm an income tax preparer working 40-60 hour weeks. My grandparents own an income tax office and I've been helping them out since I was 15. If all goes well, I will be the owner some day. It is kind of fun to do paperwork and I enjoy bookkeeping. I still do commissions during tax season, but I take on a lighter work load. During the off-season, I do a little bookkeeping and I also try to pick up a summer job. There are still a lot of interesting things to do out there! Working at a floral shop is on my occupational bucket list.

I know I could very likely benefit from raising my prices a good bit. After all, it's not uncommon to find an artist charging $80+ for an 8\"x10\" instead of my $30, and there is that very weird thing where underpricing yourself encourages people to not buy from you. While I may go up a bit more in the next ten years, I am not \"qualified\" to charge more. I'm in my 20s, self-taught, and virtually unknown. I am not in my 50s with a Masters in artwork and a lifetime of publications. You'd be surprised at the number of people who think that skill is bought and not learned!


The painters and other pencil artists I adore are Mike Sibley, Diane Wright, Josephine Wall, Ruth Thompson, and Todd Lockwood.

ArtStuff.net is my favorite place to get art supplies. They carry all the paper sizes and weights that I want, and some other nifty things I want to experiment with someday.

Aside from the obvious stuff, music is a valuable tool in the creation process. I listen to all sorts of music when I'm drawing, but my top three musicians are Enya, Journey, and Blind Guardian.

Other things I like to do include reading, website building, handcoding ePub books, drawing comics, crocheting, cooking, gaming, exercising, martial arts, and just generally being outside. Nothing relaxes me like being out in the fresh air. And someday, I'm going to grow a garden. Until then, I'll indulge in my annual trips to local botannical gardens.

About the Site

All of my webpages on the site I have coded and designed myself. If you see any errors on my site, I'm the webmaster you contact about them. If you're curious about other designs I've done, hop over to trc.site90.net. I tinker with all sorts of stuff over there. (If you are a web designer and think you can help me by making my site \"modern\", please do not contact me. \"Modern\" websites fall drastically short of my standards with all the chaos and clutter they are covered with.)

Many thanks for dropping by the site and all the support. I appreciate it and hope to provide art for you to look at and display in your home for many years.

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About 'Just Another Day'


Shanku has left her home behind to explore the wide world around her. Out of her small forest home she finds more of her own kind and new friends. Love, loss, and adventure await her as she discovers the secrets her clan struggled to hide. But at what cost?


Just Another Day is basically a simple fantasy comic. The story mostly revolves around Shanku, a young cub with the wanderlust 'disease' who was curious about her world. Her clan did not approve of this, deemed her as a threat because of her condition, and placed her in exile for ten years in hopes that she would find a cure for herself by whatever means. The story begins at the start of her exile.

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About Ashe Skyler

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I was born in January 1990. I met my husband at college and married him a year later in 2011. Our son arrived in 2012. He was a very welcome little surprise, we expected to never to be able to have kids! Currently we live in Alabama.

I've been doing commissions since 2010 and playing with websites since 2005. I really enjoy doing both and I doubt I would have learned as much on my own as I have from working with people. There's almost always a challenge I enjoy when somebody wants me to do something for them.

But as for my day job, I've been promoted from my receptionist job of six years to an accountant. I prepare income tax returns and I do bookkeeping. All very boring stuff, I assure you. But it helps pay the bills and keeps the family fed. I will soon own my own business and become self-employed twice over. While I have taken a few college courses, I doubt I will ever get a degree. Why be like everybody and their dog with a Bachelors degree and 30 years of debt to only flip burgers when my current arrangement is keeping the bills paid? I just don't see a point in wasting money on several classes that care more punctuation than content and are entirely useless to my job fields. How is standing up in front of a room full of angry people and purposely antagonizing their political beliefs supposed to be good for my job? Actually, trying to anger my customers is very detrimental to my job, so any presentation or speech class should be avoided. And of course, you're not allowed to graduate unless you take speech class. I have no intention to be a CPA, because then I would have to raise my prices and that would knock out half my customers I enjoy. So again, a degree is useless for me.

Many claim I am a very stubborn person. I like to say it comes from being a Capricorn. (Astrology and tarot cards are a fun pastime, but nothing I take too seriously.) If you enjoy taking the Jung test, I am an INTJ.