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Site best viewed at 640x480 or higher. "Responsive" commands are built in for people with tiny screens who don't know how to use a computer.

Many thanks for dropping by the site! I appreciate it and hope to provide things to read or do and art for you to look at and display in your home for many years.

All of my webpages on the site I have hand-coded and designed myself. I worked strictly through Notepad for the first three years, and then I found out about Notepad++. Now I have some lovely colors to help me see what I'm doing. If you see any errors on my site, I'm the webmaster you contact about them.

About the Webmistress

Howdy! I'm Ashe Skyler. :)

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dA E Z FAA in RK
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Moon Sign: Libra
Ascendant: Gemini
Midheaven: Pisces
Yin Earth Snake
Jung / Myers-Briggs...
The Mastermind, the Architect, the Scientist, the Competence, and as Oddly Developed as any other person.
Extroverted 10% — Introverted 90%
Intuitive 55% — Sensing/Observant 45%
Thinking 55% — Feeling 45%
Judging 75% — Perceiving/Prospecting 25%
Assertive 63% — Turbulent 37%
6, The Loyalist
D&D Alignment...
True Neutral
Law 8, Neutral 8, Chaos 6
Good 10, Neutral 14, Evil 1