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January 5, 2017 Thursday

This is from an article called "17 Ways to Get to Know Yourself Better." It involves various tests and whatnot to aid in self discovery.

They had me at "online quizzes". Emotie: :D

And being a quiz junkie, I'll only do those that have online assessments. If you want to read the other stuff, read the article.

#1: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Less about how your personality is and more about how your brain is wired.

So, why not? I like doing this test. I'm feeling pretty chill, so some of my answers ended up being different than usual when I go on 16Personalities. Doggone it if I didn't come out even more INTJ than usual!

Extroverted 27% — Introverted 73%
Intuitive 60%Sensing/Observant 40%
Thinking 63%Feeling 37%
Judging 67%Perceiving/Prospecting 33%
Assertive 51% — Turbulent 49%

#2: Big 5 Personality Test

Can't say I've ever been to fond of this one, but, here we go.

Openness: 72.5% / Moderate
Conscientiousness: 62.5% / Moderate
Extraversion: 47.5% / Moderate
Agreeableness: 52.5% / Low
Neuroticism: 35.0% / Moderate

As usual, blaming me for not getting along with others. If not letting myself be slapped or belittled makes me unagreeable, then I will proudly not be agreeable!

#3: Personal Strengths Inventory

The top strengths you possess. Kind of long at 240 questions, but interesting.

Strengths of Intellect
Curiosity: 77.5%
Judgment: 77.5%
Love of Learning: 77.5%
Creativity: 67.5%
Wisdom: 67.5%
Strengths of Self-Management
Self-Control: 75%
Prudence: 52.5%
Courage: 57.5%
Humility: 70%
Perseverance: %
Honesty: 62.5%
Social Strengths
Social Intelligence: 45%
Capacity for Love: 55%
Kindness: 80%
Forgiveness: 35%
Fairness: 70%
Teamwork: 32.5%
Leadership: 55%
Strengths of Joy
Gratitude: 55%
Optimism: 66.7%
Humour: 87.5%
Awe: 60%
Spirituality: 70%
Enthusiasm: 55%

Heheh, I'm amused I scored higher on Forgiveness than Teamwork. I will forgive you before I'll work with you! And I love to laugh more than anything.

For my own curiosity, here it is ranked from high to low:

Okay, so I'm just plain ol' asocial and unforgiving. Nurture and not nature, man, nurture and not nature.

#4: Interests Assessment

What stuff are ya in to?

Building: High
Thinking: Moderate
Creating: Moderate
Helping: Moderate
Organizing: Moderate
Persuading: low

Yep, that's consistent. I like to work with my hands and I hate anything related to a sales pitch.

#5: Style of Action

How you handle things that need to be done.

It would seem I am a Quick Start. I learn best by trial and error. Proof of which might be how I spike my own website visitor stats when I need to tinker with some new coding...

#6: Enneagram

It took me forever to come to terms with Enneagram! Most of my tests said 1, 5, or 6. Well, I've scored as everything but a 7. I finally settled on 1 sans wings since it seemed to fit me best. Clumsy, but best. But let's see what they say I am today.

Classic: 1w2 The Reformer or 2w1 The Helper

Instinctual: Type 5 The Investigator or Type 1 The Reformer, SO

Yeah, Eclectic Energies is the best I've found for that enneagram stuff. I may accept the w2.

#8: Top Five Values

A rather lengthy quiz of 202 questions to see what five things you value most in life.

Dominant Values
Theoretical Values
Realistic Values
Influencing Values
Social Values
Traditional Values
Aesthetic Values
Minor Values
Political Values

#10: The Love Language

How expressions of affection will effect you.

Acts of Service: 75%
Quality Time: 75%
Physical Touch: 50%
Words of Affirmation: 50%
Receiving Gifts: 0%

Well, that's rather practical of me. "Don't flatter me, don't give me junk, and make yo'self useful!" Emotie: XD

#14: Trust thy Intuition

I really cannot resist that psychic stuff. I've just had too many weird incidences. No tests really involved with this one. Just wanted to link a cool site. Emotie: :)

#15: Learning Style

How do you learn? Without taking the test I can already say "talking / lectures / auditory" is my least compatible style.

Visual: 40%
Tactile: 35%
Auditory: 25%

Told ya. If I can't see or do it, it ain't gonna go over well. Or sink in.

#17: Multiple Intelligences

You can be smart in various areas, such as movement, logic, music, language, social skills, and whatnot. Basically all those subjects taught in school. Emotie: =P

Naturalistic: 75%
Intrapersonal: 69%
Visual-Spatial: 58%
Logical-Mathematical: 56%
Interpersonal: 56%
Verbal-Linguistic: 50%
Musical: 44%
Bodily-Kinesthetic: 33%

Naturalist, muhahaha! I study thee! How I scored higher in Interpersonal than Kinesthetic is beyond me. I'm always tapping or something when I'm concentrating hard.

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