"Get back in the kitchen where you belong, woman!"

February 19, 2017 Sunday

I will be so glad when all these damned idiots get over being butthurt about Trump getting elected, because I'm sick and tired of the regressive left telling me to get back in the kitchen. Bitch, kitchen has knives and meat grinders. Remember that the next time you tell me I'm not allowed anywhere else. I'll make a sausage out of your ignorant ass. Or barbecue. Courtesy of Towanda.

The amount of prejudice radiating from the regressive left is appalling. I grew up in rural Alabama, supposedly the capital of such things. I've never heard such a level of ignorance and hatred like the regressive left regularly spouts off! Well, there was that one dumbass, but he is vastly outnumbered and out-tongued by people on "the other side" have said to me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate zealots of any flavor.

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