Oh, Stress, how familiar thy face...

March 17, 2017 Friday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'll be spending today wishing I didn't have a policy against drinking while stressed because I think I've lost my job, probably lost my home, but after thirteen years of being done this way, I have definitely had enough of being in a toxic and abusive relationship with two people who last year put my son's life in danger and this year put me at risk as well. Shouldn't come as a surprise since they like to side with a pedophile, but, eh. And I do mean pedophile. Not the "oh, one month from 18 don't count" nobody cares about, the "toddlers and children are sooo sexy" kind of pedophile that's done a good bit of damage to others and only the particularly sick and twisted would think is an alright human being.

JAD will be on temporary hiatus while I job hunt. Unless I get some spare time to direct my frustrations into story illustrations.

This conclude's Friday's edition of TMI.

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