April 5, 2017 Wednesday

Somehow or another, I came across DAREBEE.com. Oh my goodness, you gotta check this site out if you like to work out! Or generally want to tone up, eat healthy, or look after yourself better.

They are dedicated to just about all things fitness. And as they say themselves, most of everything you see at DAREBEE is bodyweight no-equipment based and absolutely everything is completely free to access and download. If you learn better with videos, they have plenty of those too.

Single Page Workouts

Pick a body part, a group of muscles, or the whole body. Stand up, lay down, sit in a chair, or just stretch. There is a workout for them all, ranging from level 1 to level 5. Including the hands and wrists. Use the filter search settings to browse for what you want or need.

Programs and Training Plans

General fitness, cardio, high intensity interval training, strength building, toning and streamlining, and even combat. Look at How to Pick a Program to get a quick overview of all the programs offered. There's even a lightweight beginner's course called The Foundation if you're completely new or need to ease back into it after recovering from an injury. One of the 60-day programs called Age of Pandora is something like a RPG. All the workout days have a dialogue to go with what you're asked to do.


Challenge yourself to complete one day, fifteen days, or thirty days of focusing on an exercise or bit of wellbeing. Including good posture, balance, and drinking water.


Yoga routines, advice on speed and pacing, health benefits, strength and endurance exercises, and of course, running routines for various distances and lengths.


The archive of articles. Tips on breathing, weight loss, weight gain, recovering from injuries, exercising while sick, listening to your body's cues, proper form, stretching, tendons and other parts, using equipment, and pretty much anything related to fitness.


Another archive of articles. These are dedicated to food. Healthy eating on a budget or with a lack of proper cooking skills, how to count calories, eating before and after a workout, sources of protein, general management, and all things related to healthy eating. Within reason. There's not much of a need of turnip greens vs. collard greens.


Suggested healthy eating plans based on what you wish to achieve.


Self-explanatory healthy and yummy goodness.

The Hive

Feeling chatty? Join the forum! Also earn badges by completing various exercises.

My Folders

Keep track of your favorite items. There's an awful lot of data on DAREBEE. Make your preferred nuggets easy to find.

Also, they don't have ads. All their revenue comes from donations and if you decided to buy some of their shirts, books, or ebooks. They make $1 per book sale and $2 per shirt, and I'm pretty sure all their books are available for free as full PDFs on the same page as the paid books.

I am currently working through the Fighter's Codex, and also adding in a few bits I remember from karate such as the basic blocks and a few extra attacks like knife hand and palm strike. Being a very private person, I don't like working out with other people. Or having people watch or generally know I'm doing it while I'm doing it. With a husband and two kids, there's always something needing my attention, so time to workout is even more scarce. The days of having 45 minutes dedicated to yoga and strength training is gone. I can't even do the full levels of Fighter's Codex, so I just do what I can reduce to the five minutes I have before my shower. Ya know, just doing one set of each day in Fighter's Codex can leave you pretty sore and put those sexy knots of muscle on you. If you've got the time for all three sets of level one, or have the strength for ten sets in level three... Yummy.

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