The Pups are Fixed

April 22, 2017 Saturday

We got the pups fixed yesterday. Even though it's free to board them the night after the surgery, we wanted them home. That was amusing.

It is mandatory for males to wear the cone of shame. Why, I dunno. You think they'd give it out with both dogs since neither of them need to be licking, but, whatever. He didn't much care for the cone of shame. I don't think he knows how to walk without having his nose to the ground and smelling his way, so that didn't work out too well. When he tried to get onto the porch, he ran straight into the rail post. We had to carry him in the house.

Dogs are discouraged from jumping onto furniture, tail gates, and such things after surgery. Which should have been fine, they're not allowed on the couch, and we always have to pick them up since they won't jump up or down from the truck bed. Wouldn't you know today was the day she decided to jump on her own? Poor baby.

Once we got them in the house, she just laid around for the most part. Barfed about six times, but other than that, tried to sleep off the drugs.

He, however, was blitzed off his furry butt. He just kept standing around and staring at the walls. The refrigerator. The table.

Somehow or another, the vet got my number. Not sure how, because I only put down my husband's phone number. Because I really hate phone calls. She called to see how they were doing and wanted to know if they were eating and drinking. Well, she called at noon and the dogs slept until about none, so I had no clue how their eating and all was. We'd just finished going outside to relieve them. I have a feeling they're judging me for not giving the dog pain medicine. Our chitzu went through her surgery without any pain medication afterward. Besides, I've had a few day surgeries too, the second of which I didn't bother with pain medication, and I did a baby au naturel, au naturel and on purpose, so it's not like I'm doing something to the dogs I haven't been willing to do to myself.

Similarly, I am babying them like I did our chitzu. Extra petting, keeping a sharp eye on them, and assisting up steps and stuff because I know they're sore.

Heh, speaking of our chitzu, she never really liked the puppies anyway. When I took him outside this morning, she did not recognize him in the cone of shame. She and the neighbor's dog came running out and barking something nasty. Which, of course, scared him, but I called them off. Then he realized it was that wonderful little white dog he likes so much, and he went bounding toward her playfully. That chitzu went yipping and yowling away as fast as she could since the cone monster was coming! So I called her over, petted and reassured her, and finished his bathroom break.

So now all three dogs are fixed. 'Tis a shame. They'd all have made beautiful babies. But one's a half-breed and the other two are mutts. Nobody really wants mutt puppies unless they're shelter dogs.

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