Work website down.

May 13, 2017 Saturday

Having trouble with Hosting24. Again.

At 4:15pm yesterday I got an email saying the website I set up for work had violated the ToS for high server load, whether due to too many visitors, bad scripts, high MySQL database usage, or being compromised. Well, the work website gets about 100 visitors a month, has more intensive scripts than the little thing I set up on the work website, and I do not like using databases and never set one up. So the only thing I can figure is that I somehow got hacked. My passwords aren't easy to crack, and I'm wondering if the fact it's a tax website is why it was targeted.

They said I had 24 hours to fix it before service interruption, but I got their email ten hours after it was sent, and they'd already shut down the site. Which pisses me off on multiple levels. I use that website's email to communicate with the IRS for work. I don't appreciate losing access to it.

- EDIT -

Okay, the "malicious usage" turned out to be sending too many emails. I can go weeks between one email. So maybe Claws Mail had connection issues and got too zealous about trying to send mail? That's the one thing I do with the work website I don't do with

The staff is pretty polite, so that helps. We got it resolved quickly. I think. I have no idea how the "too many emails" alert got triggered, which concerns me.

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