A super race just won't work.

June 3, 2017 Saturday

As I was browsing the deviantART forums, there was a questionnaire put out by a troll. I prefer not to engage such lowlives directly, so, here goes:

Are you for or against gun control?
If city people want to limit guns because thugs are thugs, that's their business. But leave us in the country alone. Unless of course you'd like to volunteer to come live out here long enough to find a cost-effective alternative to guns should a swarm of coyotes come up in the yard and refuse to leave. Two bullets ain't gonna go far and they don't always run from the loud noice. Police are not an option, because animal attacks are low on the radar. Have fun!
I'd also like to note that I had a veteran of a bygone war come in to my office, and during casual discussion of past wars he talked about some conversations he'd had with folks of enemy nations after the dust settled. They had said should they have tried to invade the USA, they would have come from the west, the north, the north east, and maybe the south west. But not the south east. Because that's where us rednecks live and we are armed to the teeth. So bear that in mind the next time you want to elect a president advocating excessive gun control laws.
Do you think it'd be for the best if we all blended into one "race"?
This cannot and will not happen. No matter how many racists in the regressive left or alt right want it to happen, it will not. It would be a complete waste of time, energy, and money to keep rotating families around the world to fight our bodies' naturally inclination to adapt and evolve, and it would be detrimental for those not built for the areas they're trying to inhabit. Allow one of the few decent things that ever happened on Tumblr to explain:
Illustration: Melanin Map
And some of us actually give a damn about roots. You're not kicking me out of my home because of your misguided agenda!
Imo it is best to judge everybody on an individual basis. But do you think stereotypes in general hold any truth?
There is a grain of truth behind every stereotype. However, only the ignorant and fearful will cling to those ideals instead of judging a person individually.
And now, I'll be blunt: If I, a redneck, can treat everybody with respect despite how the media at large tells me I should act, you can treat me with respect and ignore the damn media for saying to treat me like garbage because I'm "onna dem evil Suterners".
What do you think of white men who shave their heads even when they aren't balding?
Well, I think they orta look into wearing some do-rags or hats more regularly because those shiny heads burn much faster than a hairy one!
And now for the elephant in the room: No, I do not support "skinheads" or other people who happily hold such a level of prejudice, nor the subtle implication white people aren't allowed to shave their heads but everyone else can.
Globalism or Nationalism?
Whichever one supports having unique cultures and identities without violating basic human laws.
Do you donate to charity?
Nope. Don't trust them. I volunteer.
Samurai vs Viking? Who'd win?
Heck if I know, but it'd be bloody!
Favorite Pizza Toppings?
Meats and cheeses.
Do you think drugs should be legalized?
The "harmless" ones like maurijuana, maybe. The "hardcore" ones like meth, heroine, and cocaine, no. Even if heroin used to be a cough syrup.
Are you for or against Euthanasia?
Begrudgingly support. It's better to mercy kill an animal than let it die slowly of a disease or injury it'll never recover from. Along those same lines, the stigma for suicide should be lifted from terminal patients. I know, that's a very slippery slope where the disturbing Super Race people can easily take control and murder the "lesser" people they feel are too sick, weak, or weird to let live. One of the recent things discussed was to kill seriously deformed kids shortly after birth. Can't say I'm keen on that notion either.

Mostly I just really wanted to post the "melanin map". I get really frustrated at the number of people who keep confusing class and culture with basic biology.

Admittedly, some are just harmless and sometimes hilarious mistakes, as Henry Cho can attest:

One of my favorite comedians! Emotie: :D

Woohoo, Arab love! As a commenter said, Sand Mountain is a rare breed of people completely different from other Alabamians, even the rest in north Alabama. Such as Sand Mountain technically being the largest plateau in the world and too short to be a real mountain, but, hey, it's the biggest lump o' rock close to us. I'm not from Sand Mountain, but I've spent an awful lot of time there.

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