Job Hunting and Operating Systems

June 7, 2017 Wednesday

One blogger I loosely follow, Amanda Krause, did a post on ridiculous "buzzwords" employers put in job listings. Such as "rockstar".

As an INTJ, yes, frilly words like that are a complete turnoff. To her, they suggested instability in the command line that would result in the closure of the business. My first thought was "oh no, over-caffeinated hooligans that will touch me constantly and throw a tantrum at the drop of the hat if I can't match their emotional state 24/7".

Job hunting these days is ridiculous anyway. Everybody wants a Bachelors degree!
Job hunter: "I'm not too proud to push a broom and I'm always on time."
Employer: "You need a Bachelors in broom pushing and time management to work here, with the usually expectation to have the personality of a hyperactive Suzy Homemaker."

Going to and entering "bookkeeper" gets me results like: maintenance shop clerk, CDL Class A truck driver, registered nurse, and salesmen. I tried "accountant", and my first hit was Avon, followed by filling Army National Guard trucks with petroleum, CDL Class A truck driver, maintenance shop clerk, store manager, electric controls engineer, registered nurse, and of course more sales crap. A generic search for all jobs posted in my area are more normal, such as seasonal workers for Lowe's, Avon everywhere, hair stylists, cashiers, sales, nurses and paramedics,

Then there are the really weird job titles. "Customer Engagement Leader". What the hell is that!? "As a Customer Engagement Leader, you'll be responsible for assisting customers around the store." ...Oh bloody toadstools. It's the politically correct way to describe the generic employees out on the floor. I find this so very frustrating.

There's also new bullshit in the candidate requirements these day! "Candidates must have access to smart phone" and "must have or be willing to get a smartphone or tablet". Makes me want to scream. I can't use smartphones! Aside from the flaws with the operating system, my grip sucks. I use a flip-phone because the hinge creates a gap I can put my fingers into and keep from dropping the phone. There is nothing to grip on a smartphone. It's just a slippery little brick that at most can be dressed up in a mildly bumpy or rubbery casing that negates about 10% of the slickness.

"Can you lift 20lbs?" Yup.
"Push 500lbs on a cart?" Can do.
"Stand for 3-8 hours? "Did it before.
"Friendly customer service?" I'm your girl, and I often come with shining reviews from customers on how helpful I am.
"Smartphone?" Well, you see, I have this problem...
"No smartphone!? OMG, go away you caveman!! You can't work outside in the rain throwing boxes around if you don't have delicate technology!" But... "BEGONE!" Dude. Emotie: :|

Trying to find a job in general with sensory issues is difficult. Cleaning chemicals are my kryptonite, and excessive loud and chaotic noise is close to follow. Both are just as prevalent in blue collar jobs as they are white collar jobs. I can deal with noise better outside than in, as I found out last summer at the pool. Without six hard surfaces to echo and reverberate back off of, my noise tolerance is pretty dang good. Who knows? Maybe my tolerance for toxic goo is pretty good when outside too. I'm more leery to test that one considering it comes with more than just a headache.

In other news...

Windows 10 is the last Windows operating system to be made. Which makes me happy because that means Windows 7 has a pretty good chance of staying somewhat current for a long time. There are people still using XP! Which XP was a fantastic operating system the likes of which Windows has yet to match with other systems. Windows 7 is the next best thing. Vista and 8 were both horrid disasters, and Windows 10 is just cluttered and butt-ugly to me.

As many other users have pointed out, Windows 10 really dropped the ball on backwards compatibility. We experienced a sharp enough drop when Vista thumbed its nose at older software, and what little was left was mostly abandoned by Windows 10. Modern manufacturers, of course, have the snarky opinion that the equipment should be simply replaced so that it matches the newest OS, but, why should we have to throw out machines that work just fine to upgrade to a newer yet less functional model? That is just bad sense. Even with the free stuff, I find myself going back and downloading software versions for XP (such as Paint and the video editor) because ever since Vista there has been more focus on flash than functionality to the point of sacrificing functions. I switched to OpenOffice because Microsoft Office is nothing but shiny buttons where I can't find any of the commands I need because they simply are not there anymore.

Let's be plain ol' blunt: modern technology is not user friendly, it's idiot friendly.

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