Rooting the rose.

June 16, 2017 Friday

Outside my front door is a rose bush that my great-grandmother planted. It's slowly being choked to death by weeds, trees, bushes, and junk growing up around it. If I owned a pair of shears, I'd go rescue it. But, I don't. For obvious sentimental reasons, I want it alive.

Amateur Gardening had my answer. Basically:

SF Gate believes that potatoes have the perfect nutrients and moisture for rose cuttings.

In the search for how to properly create a new rose bush with a snip and a potato, which I have dubbed "tater twigging" for my own amusement, I came across Mike's Backyard Nursery and his overview of using soil with cuttings. This dude looks pretty cool, and I'm not just saying that because of the comforting familiarity of an old guy in overalls.

Naturally always on the look for a "get rich, maybe, probably not" scheme, I just had to check out his How to Make 65¢ per Square Inch in Your Backyard. While I found this highly intriguing and tempting, there was a cautionary word of warning that completely threw me off of it: "How growing patented or trademarked plants could get you fined, sued, and even thrown in jail — learn how to tell if a plant is patented or trademarked (page 17)." Alright, if some little greedy twerp wants to claim copyright to any weeds any my backyard, they better get their hoity-toity butt out here and get rid of them for me. SF Gate also cautioned against propagating roses that may be patented because then you'd have to pay royalty to the patent holder. Hrm, nah. If I want a dozen roses bushes in my backyard, I will make a dozen rose bushes, and I won't be paying a dime to a person who didn't help me nurture the sprouts.

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