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Welcome to the library! Unlike the stories section, I'll be posting entire books here. Although like the stories section, it will only be of books whose copyright has expired and now reside in the public domain. Again, I cannot express my thanks enough to all the volunteers at Project Gutenberg and for their hard work. Mind you, I'm not blatantly uploading books here. Each of these stories I've groomed over to clean up some coding since the epubs don't always display correctly on my ereader.

Books by unknown authors will be credited to the publishers for simplicity's sake.

Any fairytales or nursery rhymes will appear in the fairytales and nursery rhymes section.

If you wish to download these as ePubs, you may do so here.

Children's Stories

Louisa May Alcott

The Louisa Alcott Reader (1908.)

Hans Christian Andersen
Born April 2, 1805. Died August 4, 1875. 70 years old.
Danish author and prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems.
Robert Gordon Anderson
Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet
Born May 9, 1860. Died June 19, 1937. 77 years old.
Scottish novelist, known best for Peter Pan.
Lyman Frank Baum
Born May 15, 1856. Died May 6, 1919. 62 years old.
American author, known best for this Oz series, particularly The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
David Bogue
Leonard Leslie Brooke
Born September 24, 1862. Died 1940. 77-78 years old.
British artist and writer.
Randolph Caldecott
Born March 22, 1846. Died February 12, 1886. 39 years old.
English artist and illustrator.
Marian Roalfe Cox
Born 1860. Died 1916. 56 years old.
Folklorist who pioneered studies in morphology for the fairy tales Cinderella, Catskin, and Cap O'Rushes.
Walter Crane
Born August 15, 1845. Died March 14, 1915. 69 years old.
English artist and book illustrator.
Dodd, Mead, and Company
Charles E. Graham
Kate Greenaway
Born March 17, 1846. Died November 6, 1901. 55 years old.
English children's book illustrator and writer.
The Brothers Grimm
Jacob Grimm — Born January 4, 1785. Died September 20, 1863. 78 years old. German philologist, jurist, and mythologist.
Wilhelm Grimm — Born February 24, 1786. Died December 16, 1859. 73 years old. German author.
Joseph Jacobs
Born August 29, 1854. Died January 30, 1916. 61 years old.
Australian folklorist, literary critic, historian, and writer.
Andrew Lang
Born March 31, 1844. Died July 20, 1912. 68 years old.
Scottish poet, novelist, literary critic, anthropologist, and folklorist.
McLoughlin Bros.
McLoughlin Bros., Inc. was a New York publishing firm active between 1828 and 1920. The company was a pioneer in color printing technologies in children's books. The artistic and commercial roots of the McLoughlin firm were first developed by John McLoughlin, Jr. (1827-1905) who made his younger brother Edmund McLoughlin (1833/1834-1889) a partner in 1855.
Mary Louisa Molesworth
Born May 29, 1839. Died January 20, 1921. 81 years old.
English children's writer as "Mrs. Molesworth" for children too old for nursery rhymes but too young for works like Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë. Adult works appeared under "Ennis Graham".
Morgan & Yeager
J. Q. Preble
J. Q. Preble was a small publisher which was based in New York City. They published several children's books from 1851 to 1865.[1] Many of these books have beautiful wood engravings. The publisher often did not put publication dates or author names in the books.
George Routledge and Sons
James Halliwell-Phillipps
Born June 21, 1820. Died January 3, 1889. 68 years old.
English Shakespearean scholar, and collecter of English nursery rhymes and fairy tales.
Helen Beatrix Potter
Born July 28, 1866. Died December 22, 1943. 77 years old.
English writer, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist.