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Any character is fine. Especially if they don't have any art yet.


Please finish on time. Or at least before the next round starts.


Themed rounds are fine. Except for American football.


Aside from Valentines' Day, all holidays are welcome, both canon and non-canon.

Whether it's a character, critter, setting, "NPC" or people in the background, in color, in black & white, or it's the dustbunnies under the fridge molded together and painted, I'm not picky about how you do it. If you find a creature, structure, or scenic setting in a comic you'd prefer to draw instead of a character, feel free to. Just have fun.

Just Another Day

In Progress
Adventure / Fantasy

Striped Hope

Completed Short Story
Adventure / Fantasy

If none of these tickle your fancy, feel free to view all stories. Excluding the collaborations (since those characters are copyrighted to other people), they're all fair game. Even the fairy tales and library sections that hold public domain stories.