All works in the below sections are ordered from newest to oldest. Some of them are pretty old, dating back to 2004. Posting these really old creations from the mind of a lonely teenager are not out of ego, but to show that art is mostly hard work, study, and perseverence. As many instructors will chant, "practice, practice, practice!"

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For Others

And now, the usual statements to be expected from artists:

  1. All works copyrighted © to me unless otherwise specified. Emotie: :)
  2. Do not use any works without permission. Including, but not limited to: avatars, banners, website backgrounds, etc. I'll probably say yes and even crop it for you if you want, just be considerate and let me know first! Emotie: ^,^
  3. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Emotie: :|
  4. If I manage to impress you enough you want to feature me in an art post, I am very flattered and humbled, and would be very appreciative if you would please let me know about the feature, because I am a very lonely artist and I like to see all the neat artwork that goes up in such posts. Emotie: ^_^;

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