Yes, I know this is a pretty damning folder, but, lemme 'splain: I am not interested in costumes or erotica.

I grew up with limited human contact. Most of my attempts at social interactions outside of my immediate circle of relatives ended in being ignored, or, patronizing, jeering, insults, and/or violence. Animals, however, were often friendly and accepted me as I was. So, much of my artwork focused on animals, and later when I started teaching myself how to draw people, I started "humanizing" them so I could understand the anatomy better. Then I learned of Furries and hid all that art to make sure I wouldn't be associated with them. Just because I'm used to having to defend myself and I have no problem standing my ground doesn't mean I actively seek to do it every chance I get. Well, I've since made a friend who is another normal human being that happens to have a fondness for animalistic artwork and having a slightly less-than-human online avatar. I am tentatively exploring this idea.