deviantART has this little stamp craze. I made a few. Feel free to use, just use the little thumb thing. No faves or other stuff required.

Breast, Pump, or Formula. 2017-05-09. Milk or formula, breast or bottle, the only thing that matters is that the baby is loved and cared for. And if the baby is happy and healthy, and the parents are doing the best they can given their resources and situation, precisely how have the parents failed and thus need to be shamed for it? AMEX Bluebird Accepted. 2015-02-26. My first stamp. =) Bluebird looks very interesting. It now has a Paypal-esque feature where you can trade money between two account holders based on their email addresses. I'm testing it out as a commission payment alternative for those that don't like to use Paypal. Now I just gotta find something for international users, I'd be surprised if American Express is international.