For some of these, every single formula I could find on the subject! While I am a math geek and a codemonkey that has a potential obsession with accuracy (as evidenced by the Chinese zodiac portion), bear in mind that most of these are simply estimates and most definitely should not be used in place of proper advice on whatever subject each script pertains to. That being said, plug and play!


What's your stats?
BMI, BMR, BFC, and some ratios. How's your health lookin'?
Lean Mass and Body Fat Calculators
People serious about building muscle or effectively losing weight like to keep up with their estimated lean body mass and body fat count.


Want to know what your Western Sun Sign is? Or your Chinese animal? Perhaps your birthstone or birth flower? How about a few others?
Baby Due Date
Got a baby on the way? Want to know when it might get here? Want to know some fun trivia while you're at it?


Paycheck Withholding
How much money are you expected to give Uncle Sam?
Federal Poverty Level Percentage
Where do you sit on the American Federal poverty level?
Gasoline Usage
How much gas are you burnin' and much does it cost you?
Credit Card or Loan Debt
How long until you get that sucker paid off?
Compounding Interest
Are those interest rates really worth investing in?