Quizzes and Tests

I am something of a test junkie. I love to goof off with little personality quizzes and online tests. I'll be putting a few up here for others to play with.


Alabamian Quiz
"You know you're from Alabama when..." Well, here's 20 reasons anyway.
City vs. Country Quiz
Where do you stand on your land?
Personality Type
A classic. With somewhat different questions.
What is your actual age and apparent age?
Do you act your age, or a little under or over?

Books and Games

What's your D&D alignment?
Dungeons and Dragons created this guide to help with roleplaying characters. It's fun to take it as yourself too!
Which Hogwarts school do you belong to?
Where would the Sorting Hat put you?


All of these I have collected from those copy/paste journal quizzes and tests.

Are you feminine or masculine?
Where do you rank on traditional gender roles?
The Emo Test
In the 2000s, there was a bunch of teenagers known as "emo", which stood for "emotional". Something of successors to the Goths of the 1990s and predecessors to the Scene Kids of the 2010s, but far more bummed, depressive, and liked hurting themselves. Angst in abundance. Some had legitimate reasons to be down all the time, some were just whiny attention-seekers.
What classification do you fall into?
A silly meme involving different labels.
What nonsensical thing are you?
There's really no point to it.
Life Score in Highschool
Some silly little meme that rates your life during highschool.