Scams & Con Artists

Ever get a weird phone call or a funny looking email about getting or sending money? Odds are it was far from honest. The history of con men is probably as old as goods and bartering. And I don't think they've learned many new tricks.

Before I settled down and started a family, my goal in life was to get a police-esque job tracking these people down after one "FBI agent" threatened to have me thrown in prison. While I am no longer training in cyber security, I have been collecting emails and phone numbers for a few years now. For the most part, they're incredibly dull and boring. Some do make me laugh. Most make me mad, because the sheer quantity of these things must mean there is some success in this jibberish and I don't care too much for people taking advantage of other people. Especially when scare tactics are involved.

So please, whether you want to laugh at the bad tactics of scammers or educate yourself, feel free to read on. And do inform your family and friends of anything they may be susceptible to. Like any business, you go out of business if you lose your market, and these guys need to go out of business.

I recommend if you'd like to research even more scams to watch out for. They have plenty.

Phone Scams
Credit Card Services
Frozen Debit Card

Email Scams
Nigerian Bank Scam. The favorite!
FBI. The scare tactic.
FBI and Nigeria. We're trustworthy, honest!
Dying Donator. Not dead enough.
The Distracted Scammer. This five dollar bill can be yours for just $185!

Legal Scams
Buyer Beware. Dirty dealings by businesses that are somehow legitimate.

Google Maps

Google takes the business information of a company and gives it out to hundreds of people who then call your business every day, all day, asking for you to update your information. When you ask them to take you off the call list, they get very rude and don't comply. I honestly don't know if this is a scam or not. Having dealt with Google's customer service a few times, it's a real toss-up.