Ashe′s College Papers & Essays

I haven't had to write that many papers for college, but I thought I'd post the ones I had written. Some of these papers originally had images, but I won't be including them here. I don't mind writing papers, but I hate doing the citations and bibliography because of how strict the rules are about it. One of my teachers once said they'd turn in anybody for plagiarism if they got so much as a comma off. I find that utterly ridiculous.

Wide Area Networks Sep. 27, 2010
My first paper since third grade! The assignment from Intro to PC was to write about something pertaining to my future line of work — two weeks into my first quarter for a degree I didn't pick. Looking back, this paper doesn't look like it was written by somebody lost and clueless. But believe me, I had no idea what I was writing about.
Recognizing Social Engineering May 28, 2011
A paper from Composition I. I don't even remember what the assignment was about... a topic I knew well or something? Whatever the rules, I was able to chose an information type of paper. At the time, my career goal was to get a government job hunting down all those annoying scammers that kept flooding my inbox. Perhaps there is a reason the local church folk are constantly quoting "vengeance is mine, saith the Lord" to me. Hey, somebody's gotta protect those grannies who keep falling for that stuff, right?
Diabetes Aug. 11, 2011
This Composition II paper required a cover page, multiple levels of headings, several references, a table, images, and teamwork. Since the students were able to choose their teams, I picked my future husband as my partner. We were to write a paper persuading somebody to our point of view, or some such paper as that, about something we both were familiar with. Since he has Type 1 diabetes and I have strange sugar issues of my own, we decided to do our paper on diabetes in general.
Space Travel: The Dream Lives On Oct. 17, 2011
I was required to pick a "controversial" topic in Survey of the Sciences. I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing about politics, religion, gas prices, abortion, and the "War on Terror". I decided to pick something a little less well known to the mainstream debaters and better known to those who read science fiction. Just because man go into space, should he?
Career Exploration Essay Aug. 13, 2012
This was supposed to be the culmination of the course. How the course's resources and assignments enlightened me to my purpose in life. I had to shrink this down from its original before submitting it because I gave an overview of everything that had led to my decision to pursue webdesign before attending this college. The course was a lot of fun, but other than a recommendation to take some calculus, it has had no impact on my direction.