Custom Web Design and Development

I have been tinkering with Web sites since 2005 and like to test them in multiple browsers. How you want it is how I will try to design it to the best of my ability. You want a pink and green site on a white and yellow polkadot background, ridiculous amounts of whitespace, with sliders and marquees all over the place that are guaranteed to drive off customers? You got it. Don't expect many hits, but you got it.

For now, my credentials are fairly simple. HTML 4, HTML 5, CSS 2, CSS 3, and a bit of JavaScript and PHP. I can do some back-end work like server-side scripting, but most of my abilities are focused on front-end work and user-side scripting.

I use the W3 HTML Validator, W3 CSS Validator, and for good measure, the Online Web Check Validator.
I won't charge an arm and a leg to help you get your website idea off the ground or to redeisgn your current site. Some places have a base price of $400+. Some charge $70+ per hour. I start at $25 and charge $10 an hour because I'm a hobbyist.
Polite, Honest Feedback
Unsure of the use or location of images, text, ads, etc., and want my opinion? I will give you suggestions if I think it can be improved. If not, I'll encourage you to keep the current design. Although I'll tell ya now that those little text ads embedded into the reading material with the mouse-over pop-ups are very rude and inconsiderate, so don't do them.
Webcomic Friendly!
Whether you're using a free webcomic host or you're hosting your own, I can help get your site in order. Front page, cast page, archive, about, FAQ, additional art, and guest art gallery, and whatever extras you have in mind.

Recommended Hosts

I do not host sites personally. The following are a few hosts that have many great features for little to no low monthly cost. If you want your own URL, but can't afford hosting, some free hosts will let you use a URL you've paid for elsewhere. In essence, you could have your own webspace with an exclusive domain name for $$2-10/year depending on what top level domain you go with. (.com, .net, .site, etc.)

Free Hosting
Domain Name Services
Paid Hosting
Customizable Webcomic Hosts
Drunk Duck will remain out until they sort out issues with their HTML editor.